About Us

Swim Central was started by Coach Mark Christopher Santiago, a freelance and part time swimming instructor while having a full time job last June 2012. Swimming for him was a form of exercise as he simply enjoys it. This lifestyle later escalated to the desire of sharing to others the fulfilling experience and benefits of swimming, specifically to the young professionals. With proper training, mentorship and research, he was able to establish a system on how to teach swimming to young adults in an efficient approach made easy and fun.

With the momentum of growth on the number of students enrolled through their spontaneous referral and sharing of their swimming experience, Coach Mark decided to handle swimming lessons on full time basis which later has been formalized by naming it SWIM CENTRAL.

Now, Swim Central is continually growing and expanding as Coach Mark trains new swimming coaches and duplicates himself to them aiming to serve more young adults to learn swimming the proper way and enjoy its benefits making it a lifestyle for them.


Our Vision

Swim Central exists to promote lifestyle of swimming to all young adults.


Our Mission

Swim Central is dedicated to provide all year round quality and affordable service in creating a dynamic personalized teaching strategy with flexibility of schedules fit for the learning pace of each client giving emphasis on the efficiency of the execution of the swimming techniques and strokes.


Our Goal

To have a swimming venue in every city of Metro Manila with day and night schedules for accessibility of service and for clients’ convenience.

Our Coaches and Students

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